24″ Off Road Wheels

At HardRock Offroad, we offer large diameter wheels to truck enthusiasts looking to build show cars or hardcore off road machines. The choice is yours. Running a set of 24 inch off road wheels is a great way to make your presence known. And if we’re talking Super Duty Ford F350’s and GMC Heavy Duty 3500’s, then we don’t think the streets, or the dirt, is ready for that. Big wheels are made for those who bend the rules and refuse to conform to society. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but still. Opting for 24 inch off road wheels hosts a ton of benefits too, aesthetics being one of the major ones. The HardRock Offroad guys know what all types of truck guys like, which is why we do what we do. If you’re looking for expert advice and guidance when it comes to finding the perfect set of off road wheels, get in touch with us.

HardRock Offroad Aftermarket Offroad Wheels On a Lifted Dodge RAM 1500

Why 24” Off Road Wheels?

We don’t have to convince you to go for 24 inch off road wheels for your truck or Jeep. The chances are you already know what you’re looking for. Let’s be clear though, 24” wheels on a legitimate off road setup isn’t unusual. The OEM wheel and tire combos these big trucks and Jeeps come with just aren’t built to last. That’s why HardRock Offroad manufactures truck and Jeep wheels for guys that want to push the envelope just a little bit further. We offer a vast selection of 24 inch off road wheels and in various finishes. Looking for a cast set? We got you, with our H501 Bones XPosed and H700 Affliction, there’s no wrong choice. Don’t want to add too much unsprung weight? We also offer our Famous Forged series of forged off road wheels, with our popular H802 and H804 wheels.

Aftermarket 24″ Off Road Wheels

HardRock Offroad H501 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels

H501 Bones XPosed
Available in: Gloss Black Milled, Chrome

HardRock Offroad H802 Aftermarket Forged Offroad Wheels

Available in: Gloss Black Milled, Polished

HardRock Offroad H804 Aftermarket Forged Offroad Wheels

Available in: Gloss Black Milled, Polished

HardRock Offroad H700 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels

H700 Affliction
Available in: Gloss Black, Gloss Black Milled

The Advantages of 24” Off Road Wheels

If you think there’s a lot of controversy surrounding 22 inch off road wheels; 24’s are no strangers either. Granted, such a large diameter can negatively impact ride quality. However, in some cases, the defining factor is how big you go on the tires. With the proper tire size accompanying the 24 inch wheels, there shouldn’t be too much to be worried about. That goes for off road and street use. Having said that, if the goal is to build a badass show truck or Jeep, then diameter is the least of your concerns. In the end, it depends on the purpose of the truck, Jeep or SUV.


  • Stunning road presence
  • Increased aesthetics
  • Still viable for off road use with proper tires
HardRock Offroad Aftermarket Offroad Wheels On A Jeep