26″ Off Road Wheels

Swapping truck wheels from stock to aftermarket is one of the most common mods truck enthusiasts make. Usually, it’s a simple aesthetic upgrade. Other times, it’s out of necessity due to a fresh lift or a larger tire size. As modern trucks, Jeeps and SUVs become more diverse, so have the off road wheel buying options. From beadlocks to a massive 26 inch off road wheels, there’s something for everyone. Choosing the right truck wheels goes beyond just surface appeal. Specific things need to be considered, such as offset, backspacing, tire size, etc. This is why we at HardRock Offroad design truck wheels in various sizes, in order to accommodate everyone’s needs. Got a huge lift? We got you. Have a more conservative lift? We got that covered too. A good example of built to fit is Ford F350.

HardRock Offroad Aftermarket Offroad Wheels On A Ford F350

Why 26” Off Road Wheels?

Riding around with 26 inch off road wheels isn’t a decision made lightly. Truck guys looking at sizes this big are typically going for that ‘showstopper’ look, and rightfully so. In our 24 inch off road wheel write-up, we mentioned that running a wheel that size isn’t uncommon for legitimate off-roaders. However, a 26 inch wheel may be pushing it. More on that later. One of the most common reasons people opt for massive 26 inch wheels is to clear their lift kits, and if you’re running a 26, the odds are your tires are massive too. Lucky for HardRock fans, we offer a wide selection of 26 inch off road wheels in awesome finishes. From our H502 Painkiller XPosed and H503 Spine XPosed to our Concave Forged collection. Our entire forged off road wheel collection comes available in a 26” diameter; the H905, H906, H907 and H908.

Aftermarket 26″ Off Road Wheels

HardRock Offroad H502 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled, Chrome

HardRock Offroad H503 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled, Chrome

Forged Concave Off Road Wheels H905


Available in:

Forged Concave Off Road Wheels H906


Available in:

The Advantages of 26” Off Road Wheels

Look, we’re not going to sugarcoat it for you. Big 26” wheels are pretty uncommon on legitimate and authentic off roading setups. Is it impossible? Not at all. All we’re saying is that it’s not usual. Although going big on wheels and tires can negatively affect ride quality, in most cases the tires are the defining factor. With a proper tire mounted to the wheels, there shouldn’t be too much concern in regards to actual off road use. Now that we got that out of the way, if the goal is to build a show-ready truck, Jeep or SUV, and diameter doesn’t matter, 26” wheels are fair play. In the end, your vehicle always serves its purpose, whether you go off road with it or not.


  • Visually appealing for show cars
  • Not ideal for off roading, however it is possible
HardRock Offroad Aftermarket Offroad Wheels On a Lifted Ford F150