Chevy Off Road Wheels

Whether you’re looking to build a show truck or a trail rig, choosing the right set of Chevy off road wheels is an important factor. From brands, finishes, sizing, there are tons of options to pick from. Whichever decision you go with, making sure the off road wheels you choose are good enough to get the job done is high priority. To do that, it’s important to determine what purpose your Chevy is going to serve. Building an off roading machine is much different than building a show truck. That said, understanding diameter, width and tire size can help in making an informed decision when it comes to 6 lug Chevy wheels.


Lucky for you, HardRock Offroad has the Chevy off road wheels you’re looking for. If you want your build to perform on trails, we got that covered. If you want your truck to be a show stopper, we got that covered too.

Lifted Chevy Silverado Trail Boss on H503 24x12

Chevy Silverado Wheels

Ever since the introduction of the Silverado, it’s been one of the top choices for trail junkies everywhere. The newer trims of the Silverado, such as the Trail Boss and LTZ, offer a plethora of off roading features straight from the factory. With these kind of factory options, taking your Silverado off road straight off the show room floor is more than possible. That said, the stock Chevy Silverado wheels leave much to be desired, depending on which trim you go with. When you talk about Chevy wheels, you think big wheels and big tires. Typically, a Silverado built for the trails runs a 17″ to a 20″ wheel. As for tires, sizes range from 33″ and up, although anything bigger than 33″ may require modifications, especially if the truck isn’t lifted. That said, if you prefer form over function, then pushing the limits is more than acceptable. All sizes are fair game. HardRock Offroad offers a wide variety of Chevrolet wheels in a number of styles, sizes, and finishes, regardless of your build goals.

Chevy Wheels

HardRock Offroad H709 Aftermarket Off Road Rims


Available in:
Gloss Black & Gloss Black Milled

H505 Bloodshot 20x10


Available in:
Gloss Black & Gloss Black Milled

HardRock Offroad H700 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black & Gloss Black Milled

HardRock Offroad H503 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled & Chrome

Chevy Colorado Wheels

Similar to the Chevy Silverado, the Colorado is just as incredible on the trails. The newer generations are giving the Ford Ranger a run for its money…and it’s getting serious. Especially if you opt for the Colorado ZR2, then you’re in for some serious off-roading power. Whether you go with a Silverado or Colorado, you’ll be happy to know that both trucks offer great off road performance. When it comes to Chevy Colorado wheels, the guidelines are similar to that of a Silverado. The most common setup is a 17″ to 20″ diameter and a 33″ and up tire size. Having said that, if your goal to build a head-turning show truck, then wheel and tire size isn’t as important performance wise. HardRock Offroad carries Chevrolet wheels in all sizes.

If you’re in the market for 6 lug Chevy wheels, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be sure to help get you and your truck sorted out, the right way.

Chevy Colorado Off Road Wheels