Dodge RAM Off Road Wheels

One of the first things a Dodge RAM truck owner does is look for a new set of off road wheels. There’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is; RAM trucks are so versatile that most popular sizes not only fit, but look amazing. The bad news is; finding the right wheel and deciding what size to go with can be a nightmare. But is that really a bad thing? The possibilities are endless. Breaking down what your RAM truck is going to be used for narrows down the choices. Building a show truck? Throw on the biggest wheels you could fit! Use your RAM for work, street or off-road use? No problem, throw on some 17’s or 20’s. Understanding wheel diameter, width, tire size and whether or not the truck is lifted can help you make a more informed decision.


Luckily, HardRock Offroad offers RAM truck owners with the perfect Dodge RAM 1500 off road wheels and Dodge RAM 2500 off road wheels. From work trucks to show trucks, we’ve got your back.

20x10 H705 Gunner's on a Doge RAM 1500

Dodge RAM 1500 Off Road Wheels

In recent years, Dodge has really elevated their RAM trucks line, especially with the addition of the TRX. But shelling out over $75,000 for a TRX isn’t always viable, is it? The good news is that the Dodge RAM 1500 has so many trims to choose from, that finding what works for you is super easy. Our pick would be the Rebel trim, which comes straight from the factory ready for work, street or trail duty. But let’s be honest, the odds of buying a 1500 and leaving it bone stock is pretty low. With a plethora of possible modifications to do, wheels and tires is at the top of most peoples lists. Swapping the factory Dodge RAM 1500 wheels for something more aggressive can give a truck new life. Like we mentioned above, this truck is so versatile that you can run a 17″ all the way up to a 24″, depending on your build goals. Don’t get us wrong, we love a big RAM with beefy 24″ 12 wides on 35″ tires just as much as the next guy. But if we had to choose from the various sizes, we’d go for a 20×9 on 33″ tires. Like we said, the versatility of the 1500 is a beautiful thing.

Dodge Wheels

HardRock Offroad H504 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled & Chrome
20×9 | 20×10 | 22×12 | 24×12

HardRock Offroad H501 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled & Chrome
20×10 | 20×12 | 22×12 | 24×12

HardRock Offroad H503 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Gloss Black Milled & Chrome
20×9 | 20×10 | 22×12 | 24×12

HardRock Offroad H106 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Available in:
Matte Black & Matte Bronze

Dodge RAM 2500 Off Road Wheels

The Dodge RAM 2500 is the 1500’s big brother, and when we say big, we mean it. When the 1500 just isn’t big enough, you turn to the 2500. Rightfully so, because this thing is huge. And a huge truck calls for huge wheels. Or does it? Similar to the 1500, you can pick up a 2500 in the same configuration as the 1500’s. Meaning this truck can do what its little brother can do. The story stays the same though, because the stock fitment on this truck is not pleasing to look at. For such a huge truck, the factory Dodge RAM 2500 wheels were a total miss. That said, the most obvious upgrades are wheels and tires, of course. Again, just like the little brother, the 2500 can fit a wide range of wheel sizes from 20″ to 24″ and 12 wides to 14 wides. There’s really no go-to setup, so the freedom you have is great. For us, we’d go with a 20×10 fitted with meaty 35″ tires. HardRock Offroad has all the sizes and widths you need. The choice is yours.

HardRock Offroad Aftermarket Offroad Wheels On a Lifted Dodge RAM 1500