Hardrock Offroad H500 Series Wheels

Hardrock Offroad H500 26x14 Gloss Black Milled
Gloss Black Milled

Patent #: D858406

About The H500

XPosed Wheel Series

The Hardrock Offroad H500 Affliction XPosed wheel is the cap free version of the H700 Affliction wheel. All of our 500 series wheels have exposed lug nuts. Do you like to have custom colored lugs or spiked lugs? If so, Hardrock’s 500 series wheels are made just for you.

Strengthened Engineering

The Affliction Xposed wheel showcases eight Y spokes. The Y pairs up two thinner milled spokes and creates a total of 16 solid spokes on the outer wall of the wheel. This distributes motion stress more evenly throughout the larger barrel. The smaller hub benefits from having eight larger solid spoke attachments. This form of engineering generates a very strong wheel with thinner forms.

When the Y forms are arrayed, they create a very appealing visual structure. The gloss black finish, that is then milled, leaves you with a rich neutral colored finish that looks great on rides of any color. Accent dimples on the outer rim of the barrel add further details to the wheels clean design. It’s this focus on fine points that sets the Hardrock Offroad H500 apart from lesser wheels.

Drive It Hard

This wheel gets a lot of love. We’ve seen some amazing Jeep Wrangler and Ford F150 builds sporting H500s. Chevy, Land Rover and Toyota owners seem to love the upgrade. It’s a great looking wheel that gives you