Off Road Trails: Los Angeles

Off Roading in Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered what Southern California’s off road enthusiasts and industry pros do when they’re not busy with work or attending shows like SEMA? If you guessed off roading in Los Angeles, then you’d be correct.

When it comes to 4WD, OHV and SVRA’s (State Vehicle Recreation Area), Los Angeles based trail junkies have access to some of the nation’s best rock-crawling, dune-jumping and mud-tackling off road trails.

Wait a minute; off road trails in Los Angeles? That exists? California’s geography offers a diverse mix of verdant forests, beautiful beaches, large mountain ranges, and vast deserts. Although not in the city of LA itself, there’s many fantastic off road trails near Los Angeles ready to be explored.

Let’s jump into it.

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The Best Off Road Trails Near Los Angeles

Pioneer Town Big Bear OHV Los Angeles Off Roading

1. Holcomb Creek OHV

Holcomb Creek OHV is perfect for any off road vehicle. Stretching 8.2 miles point-to-point near Running Springs, this trail is generally considered a challenging route amongst trail junkies. The entire trail takes an average of 4 and a half hours. The good news is that this trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit any time of the year.

2. Pioneertown to Big Bear OHV Route

Unsurprisingly, this trail is a well-known nature spot around Big Bear City. Taking an average of 8 and a half hours to complete, Pioneertown to Big Bear OHV stretches 19.2 miles. This trail is considered easy, so if you’re a beginner then this is the place for you.

3. Lake Hughes Truck Trail

Another moderately easy trail is the Lake Hughes Truck Trail. Spanning over 19 miles long, this trail is surprisingly quiet. All OHV’s are allowed, and you get a great view of the lake. Start to finish, this trail will take you close to 9 hours to complete.

4. Rattlesnake Canyon RC3331 – Johnson Valley

One of our favorites on the list is Rattlesnake Canyon near Landers, California. This 27.6-mile trail is host to sand, narrow rocky areas, and muddy terrain in the winter months. That said, most 4×4 capable vehicles will have no problem completing this trail. Take note however, that Rattlesnake Canyon is only open between March and November; so plan accordingly.

5. Del Sur Ridge

Spanning a little over 9 miles long, Del Sur Ridge is considered a moderately challenging trail and takes roughly 5 hours to complete. Although suitable for beginners, some of the routes off the main road can be difficult. The dirt road is compact, making it driveable for any OHV.

6. Berdoo Canyon

Located near Twentynine Palms; Berdoo Canyon Road is a relatively easy trail to navigate. Set in a desert plain, the off road trail stretches to about 24 miles and is slightly narrow that may give some bigger trucks trouble. Keep in mind you may need some clearance via a lift kit for the craggy road. That said, all of these qualities make Berdoo Canyon an excellent choice for off roading in Los Angeles.

Del Sur Ridge Los Angeles Off Roading
Brooklyn Mine OHV Los Angeles Off Roading

7. Rowher OHV Trail

Rowher OHV Trail has been a Los Angeles off roading hot-spot since the 60’s, and for good reason. This 14-mile stretch of road suits all types of off road vehicles and is only a one-hour drive from LA. Featuring sandy, steep hills but with a solid rock foundation, this route is better during dryer climates as rainy and wet conditions can cause dangerous slips if you are unprepared.

8. Brooklyn Mine OHV Trail

Don’t be fooled by Brooklyn Mine Road’s easy dirt road start. This 10-mile long trail becomes increasingly complex towards the end, making this trail suitable for more experienced off roaders. Being within Joshua Tree National Park, access is totally free which is a great bonus.

9. Sierra Pelona OHV Road

Sierra Pelona OHV Road is beautiful trail located near Santa Clarita that boasts scenic riverside views. The 17-mile long route is relatively easy that begins with some rocky terrain, but becomes much more tame the further you drive. There are some tricky areas, so keep an eye out. Enthusiasts also recommend the 6N08 as its easier to exit to the highway.

10. Gold Fever OHV Trail

Gold Fever OHV Trail is another entry-level off road trail, but clearance is required due to the very rocky terrain. In wetter conditions, you may encounter mud holes on the dirt road. Winter season makes this trail more challenging than usual due to rain and snow, so come prepared.

11. Gold Mountain Trail

Gold Mountain Trail also has Big Bear Lake as a backdrop, and the 12-mile trail is widely considered a tricky route. Be prepared to battle rocks, mud, and water. In addition, because of its proximity to the local resorts, this route experiences some heavy traffic. We recommend visiting between March and October.

12. Hungry Valley SVRA – Pronghorn Trail

Last but not least, we have the Hungry Valley SVRA because this trail branches off to several other routes. We suggest the 5.7-mile Pronghorn Trail, which consists of steep inclines, twists, and turns. The main attraction here is an intimidating rock obstacle. Be warned though, because this trail requires experience so we don’t recommend you visit if you’re a newer enthusiast.

Hungry Valley SVRA Pronghorn Los Angeles Off Roading

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