abyss gray ford f-150 with matte black 17x9 h105 off road wheels

H105 | Ford F-150

HardRock Offroad H105 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels


Abyss Gray Ford F150

17×9 -12mm

It’s hard to believe we haven’t covered a Ford F150 in such a long time. Well, the wait is finally over. Our buddy (@bebas12 on Instagram) was generous enough to come up to Los Angeles and lend his time for a quick photo shoot. Speaking of ‘long time’, it’s been much longer since we’ve been able to setup an F-Series Ford truck with some proper 17 inch off-road wheels. As if that wasn’t good enough, this F150 is an absolutely gorgeous Abyss Gray color that looks incredible on the matte black finish of the wheels.

You typically see F150 owners opt for 20’s and sometimes even 22’s, but it’s not everyday you see one on a clean 17″ fitment. Some people say they’re too small, but in our opinion, if you wrap them around a proper beefy tire you can still achieve a very aggressive look.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this Ford F150 and the HARDROCK OFFROAD H105.

abyss gray ford f-150 with matte black 17x9 h105 off road wheels

Into The Abyss

Jumping into the fitment details, this truck is running our HARDROCK OFFROAD H105 in a matte black finish and a 17×9 -12mm fitment, on all four corners. As for tires, the wheels are wrapped in the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W in LT315/70R17. This combo provides a really solid daily-driving experience, plus some good old off-road fun.

Mentioned above, the Abyss Gray paint on top of the matte black finish of the wheels is a classic and clean look. Plus, @bebas12 really elevated the look of his truck with a more aggressive front grille, rear tailgate, and some wild looking Raxiom lights. All in all, this is a really nice setup.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our off road wheels, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can get in touch via email at cs@hardrockoffroad.com, by phone at 626.960.4829 or our contact page.

abyss gray ford f-150 with matte black 17x9 h105 off road wheels

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