Hardrock Offroad H703 Series Wheels

Gloss Black Milled
Hardrock Offroad H703 20x12 Gloss Black Milled
Gloss Black Milled

About The H703

Hardrock Offroad 700 Series

Each H703 Hardcore is one of Hardrock Offroad's 700 series wheels that feature lug covering caps.

Strong Eight Spoke Structure

The Hardrock Offroad H703 Hardcore is an impressive take on a classic eight-spoke wheel design. To be able to make a large eight-spoke wheel structurally sound enough to go offroad, the spokes need to be beefier than other design approaches. That is to say all the directional and impact stress needs to be distributed over larger spans at the barrel.

Slimming Visual Design

While this is fairly easy to accomplish with more mass, it isn’t overly aesthetically pleasing without efforts to apply some visual design. Certainly the limited number of spokes already creates large view windows between spokes. That is the initial appeal of limiting the spokes on the H703. However, it is the muscular mass the spokes require that feels overly heavy.

To counter this, we added two simple visual features to the spokes. The first was to run a double rooftop like line down the entire length of each spoke. Then we milled a triangle-like shape into one of those powder-coated ‘roof’ planes. In short, all the required structural mass is still there, but the slanting surfaces and triangle cut to create a lighter illusion.

Look Hardcore

The Hardrock Offroad H703 Hardcore is a strong feeling wheel. It has that hammered out in a forge appeal to it. With strategically styled solid mass and big view openings, the Hardcore is perfect to show off everything great about your ride. The wheel itself will look great on your Jeep Wrangler, but the effort you put into the brakes, rotors, and lift kits also benefit from the extra display. When your Chevy is tricked out and mean as hell, the H703 makes sure the world knows.

Dirt or street. Drive it hard.