Matte Wrapped F-150 on 22x12 H505's

H505 | Ford F-150

Hardrock Offroad H505 22x12


Ford F-150

22×12 -51

The F-150 needs no introduction. It’s been one of the world’s most popular full-size trucks, and for very good reason. From hauling to pure off-roading, this truck can handle everything you throw at it. If you ask us; the best way to elevate the performance of such a tough truck is to throw on some tough wheels. When this matte wrapped 4×4 pulled into the shop, we could not wait to get to work.

In addition to wheels and tires, pair this thing up with a lift kit and some solid custom pieces here and there; and you’ve got yourself a force to be reckoned with. For us, 22’s with 12 wides is the perfect fitment on truck this big. Aesthetically, it gives the truck a ton of road presence, and performance wise it gives the truck more stability.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how HARDROCK OFFROAD the perfect off road wheels for the Ford F-150.

Matte Wrapped F-150 on 22x12 H505's

Wrapped Up

The owner of the truck really put the work in to make it look this good. Luckily, the powerhouse engine it comes with doesn’t exactly need help in the improvement department, but the the exterior could use some love in its stock form.

But let’s get down to the wheel fitment, eh? This F-150 is mounted on the HARDROCK OFFROAD H505 in a Gloss Black Milled finish. Sizing we’re talkin’ 22×12 -51mm on all for corners. As for tires, we went with Rolling Big Power’s Repulsor M/T in a 35×12.50R22 all around.

When you’re browsing for F-150 wheels, HARDROCK has what your truck needs. From various sizing options, finishes, and bolt patterns; HR provides truck guys with wheels for any use case.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these wheels, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can get in touch via email at [email protected], by phone at 626.960.4829 or our contact page.

  • Lift Kit
  • Custom Front Grille
  • Matte Wrapped
  • Hardrock Offroad H505 22×12 -51mm
  • Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T 35×12.50R22

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